Bolivia: Its Government History & Facts

All around the world, people are looking everyday to travel someplace new and exciting. Climbing, hiking, exploring, camping and sightseeing are all popular activities that everyone engages in at one point or another. Bolivia, in South America, can provide all of these things, along with gorgeous scenery and unique culture. Concerning Bolivia travel advice, here we will point out a few places that are worth your time.


Bolivia is the 28th biggest country in the world which is probably why there are different kinds of fasting that originated from them. It’s located near Peru, Chile and Argentina all at the same time. Sitting on the western tip of the continent of South America, they boast high mountaintops, snow and rainforests that contain the most exotic creatures of our known world. It’s certainly awe-inspiring.


Your first stop might be Huayna Potosi. This is a very famous mountain that rises out of the depths of Cordillera Real, brown and capped with snow. A popular and relatively leisurely climb, it has been nicknamed “the easiest 6000er in the world.” There are easier routes besides the more complicated forms of ascent that are located on the mountain. The slower ascent makes it easier to adjust to the change in altitude.


Lake Titicaca sits on the Peruvian border. It’s the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. With a length of 190 km (118 miles), a width of 80 km (50 miles), and a water volume of 893 km3 (214 cu miles), it’s a huge body of water. Five major rivers of South America feed into this lake. The origin of this name is uncertain, although the meaning is though to generally translate into “Rock Puma.” This lake also contains interesting birds and endangered species of animals on its islands.


The Zongo Mountain Valley is another place worth seeing. This place is located in a basin at the foot of Huayna Potosi, a valley that begins at the Zongo Dam and stretches to Huaji. A road can provide a view of all of the beautiful scenery, and shelters are also located along this path. Ice caves are also fun to see.


Laguna Colorada Lake is unique. Translated into English, this lake’s name means “Red Lagoon.” This is because the water has a red tint, making the lake appear nearly burgundy in color. The lake itself is shallow and Southwest of Altiplano, a saltwater body. Interestingly, white islands dot the middle of the water, making a nice in contrast with the red. You might also be able to see flamingos basking on these islands as well.


While you are enjoying your outdoor escapades, double check that you have the proper equipment for activities such as camping or climbing. Dress appropriately and travel with a group, if possible. If this is not possible, then be sure to inform someone where you will be staying. Travel with cash. In rural areas, credit cards will be useless when you need to purchase food, water or gas for a car.


If outdoor adventures and exotic locations are your forte, then this trip is for you. You’ll find that mother nature has left an astounding physical impression on this beautiful place. You’ll enjoy the fresh mountain air and the colorful culture that makes this country unique. Among other things, bring a camera to capture the more stunning moments