The Joy of Vaping with No Nicotine

Electronic cigarettes are well recognized as a cleaner delivery system of nicotine. However, this does not mean that all ecigs contain and deliver nicotine. There are also vapor products with zero nicotine that people can use you enjoy vaping with no nicotine. Eliquids come in various levels of nicotine from as low as 3 mg all the way up to 48 mg or even more.

Eliquid Aging and Proper Storage

Containing the eliquid can be a challenge as it can react to various environmental components like humidity and heat. The eliquid can change if exposed to air and light. The oxidation process or the nicotine content of the ejuice could lead to discoloration.

It does not mean the eliquid is already bad, but minor qualities and structure have already changed. Some of its strengths might also be lost over time. This process will take place regardless of the user’s storing habits. Yet, the natural aging process of eliquid will happen faster when it is exposed to different environmental factors.

Proper storage is the key. Make sure the eliquid bottle is sealed after each use. Eliquids are water based and improperly sealed bottles will lead to gradual evaporation of the ejuice. Find a dark and dry place to store the eliquids. A cabinet in the basement is an ideal storage location because it is not just dry and dark; but will also keep the ejuice away from children.

Advantages of Vaping with No Nicotine

Zero nicotine vaping is a better choice for some people. An eliquid basically contains 5 components: propylene glycol, glycerol, water, flavoring and nicotine.

The ingredients ratio may vary depending on the manufacturer, but ratios are generally similar. Glycol and glycerol make up 84.6-92% of the ejuice. The nicotine makes up 0-5.4% and flavors comprise 8-10% of the ejuice.

Vaoing without nicotine has an obvious advantage of getting you off the addictive habit. Vaping with nicotine-free eliquid means that you have managed to get rid of your nicotine dependence. It is not easy to quit for good, but ecigs can help make this easy.

Many vapers usually start at higher nicotine levels. While some remain vaping at those levels, there are also those who have gradually decreased their nicotine consumption. Once the low level of 4-8 mg is reached, it would not be long before vaping with 0 mg nicotine can be achieved. Vaping with zero nicotine is actually the ultimate goal of the vaping journey.

Non-nicotine vaping also promises better flavor. Nicotine essentially has no distinct taste. It also has no sting. Yet, if the eliquid contains no nicotine, it means that there is more room for flavorings to occupy. You can add more flavorings to your eliquid.

Without nicotine, the eliquid can also have longer shelf life. A liquid laced with nicotine can only last for two months or so. Ejuices without nicotine have shelf life of 12-185 months under ideal conditions.

Although vaping without the addictive substance has cons like nicotine withdrawals and fewer throats hit, there are a lot more pros that you can get.

The hand to mouth sensation is still there. There are still clouds of vapor that you can enjoy. A solid satisfying experience still remains and you can also still enjoy a lot of different flavors.

Buying non-nicotine pre-filled cartridges is different from purchasing non-nicotine elliquids. Pre-filled cartridges are mass produced for the targeted audience of the manufacturer. They are also more likely tested for quality in various review panels prior to marketing. It is ideal that you buy from reputable manufacturers. Yet, the non-nicotine cartridges you have bought are possibly bought also by millions of other customers out there.

When buying non-nicotine ejuices, the more you need to take extra effort in care when buying. Some non-nic ejuices have barely there throat hit. Others can taste really bad. Thus, it is important that you purchase your non-nicotine ejuices in small sampler bottles only so that your money will not be wasted on ejuices that hardly deliver satisfaction.

New Year And Start With Safercigs Electronic Cigarettes

You probably started the year with a resolution to fight off your smoking habit and one of the possible ways you might have thought to help you remain on your new year and new beginning goal is vaping. Indeed, vaping can be your perfect aid to achieve your goals and Safercigs electronic cigarettes are among the brands of vaping products you ought to consider.

About Safercigs Electronic Cigarettes

It is a trusted supplier of quality ecigarettes. These past years made us witness the quick rise of electronic smoking. Many people are attesting that these devices have changed their lives and helped them keep away from smoking.

Safecigs offer healthier and sensible alternatives to smoking. It has been in the business for two straight years as a provider of reliable products and dependable customer service. It is an established market leader.

If you have any question about its products, you can always e-mail or call the customer service staff (01258 880357) whose members will happily answer your queries.

If you live near Blandford, you can drop by and personally experience what the company offers from its brick and mortar shop located in Unit 4 Hawthorn Farm Business Park in Winterborne Stickland. The shop is open to serve Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. On Saturdays, you can come and visit any time from 12 PM until 3 PM.

What Customers Say About Safercigs

The company is hailed for its fast and great service. One user reported that orders were dispatched very quickly and they arrived all according to his expectations.

The ecig company has also been acknowledged for providing excellent communication to its customers. While there are some things that are beyond the control of the team, you are ensured of getting the best possible assistance that will help in solving whatever issues you have with your transaction.

On Its website, you will find various products that could very well suit any vaper’s needs or preferences. Among the products you would find is the Kanger Evod BCC. This clearomizer is now offered at 15% off. Originally at £5.88, it is now listed at £5.

This 2.5 ohms clearomizer can hold 1.7 ml of e-liquid. The tank body is made of metal whose finish is of rubber paint. The bottom coil can be changed or replaced rather the whole unit. Thus, it offers a more cost efficient option. Available colors are Stainless and Black.

Anyvape Davide Tank is also offer by Safercigs. At £13.33 originally, take advantage of the 10% discount offered for this product that you can now buy for £12. It is also a bottom coil changeable unit, but is made of glass.

You can change its glass tank and its drip tip as you please for a more customized vaping experience. Since it is made of glass, you can use fill it with any vape juice without worrying that it will break.

This tank is available in Mega and in Mini versions. Both versions can be used with any eGo battery. A mega Davide tank has a liquid capacity of 2.5 ml while the mini Davide tank has 1.5 ml liquid capacity.

Safercigs also offer e-liquid products. For example, it offers its 500G Hangsen Monthly Special. This offer, subject to free shipping, is available for £70. The company always wants to provide customers with the best possible vaping experience. Its e-liquids are supplied by Hangsen.

Every month, the company puts different flavors on its special promo in 500g or 470 ml bottles that customers can buy to enjoy more savings. These monthly e-liquid flavors are fantastically valued. Take advantage of this monthly offer because offers are good while supplies last.

E-liquid bottles whose seals are removed and are already opened will no longer be accepted for returns.

The Excitement of V2 Electric Cigs At This Time

There is a lot of hype encompassing Ecigarettes right now. Compared to tobacco smoking, the usage of E-Cigarettes or vaping is a lot cooler and more beneficial based on the many users. From the time the inception of E-Cigs in 2003, hundreds of various brands have popped out available in the market. V2 Ecigarettes is amongst the more popular selections for Electric Cigarettes at this time.

Being Very Young

The business started out in Miami Beach Florida way back in August 2010 which was created by three people who were ex-smokers. Only a couple of years after this, the business has already earned a reputation being one of the most popular brands for Ecigarettes. There are particular reasons that might be adding to this, such as continual expansion within the product lines, excellent production of vapor and amazing tastes. Utilizing the device, individuals will not have to contend with tar here.

V2 Ecigs is proud to convey that they are one of the few firms that take care of all the processes by themselves without outside help unlike the other e-cigarette companies nowadays. All of their eliquid batches go through testing with the results viewable on the web. The ingredients of their products are also disclosed for the open public to learn. Lifetime warranty is what the company plans to give all of its clients. The BBB has recently accredited the company way back in 2011. The only real complaint that the company gets from its buyers is that they are almost always out of stock as there is a top demand for the merchandise.


Blue as well as white will be the colors of the boxes coming from V2 Electric Cigs. A foam insert are found inside the bundle which will contain its batteries as well as a charger and its capsules. There’s going to be a enclosed foil packaging which assists the product steer clear of contamination and loss to keep its quality. You’ll also conveniently read when the item will be expired depending on the label. The e-juice will likely be packed in a manner in which the bottles are not going to harm children or individuals who might accidentally obtain them. The device itself is colored black, blue and white; together with the battery portion made from stainless steel. The flavour of the cartridge would be the same as the color on the tip.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes Packages

There are many kits available for consumers nowadays. Each person is going to have a match with the distinctive kits on offer nowadays.

Starter Kit. Its content has one standard automated battery pack, six flavor capsules, one V2 disposable and one express wall charger. A manual for how to utilize the kit is also within the package deal. Beginners can easily purchase the product for just $34.95. Tremendous spots the same as V2 cig coupons can possibly present you a greater amount of the needed info.

Common Kit. It has two batteries: automatic and manual; ten flavour cartridges, one wall adapter, one smart wall charger and the instruction manuals. Its cost is around $59.95.

Standard Plus Kit. This is certainly going to contain all the material found from the standard kit but with the addition of a conveyable charging case. The expense of the product is going to be at $99.95.

Couple Package. It includes twice the contents of a standard kit since it is made to be used by a married couple. The value is $114.95.

Top Package. This package will have three battery packs which will be regular, manual as well as a long automatic. Additionally, there are 25 flavor cartridges; a single each of wall adapter, smart charger, car adapter, transportable charging case XL, metal carry case, power cig, lanyard and handbook. It could be acquired for just $143.95.

Smoke Taste

Each of the cartridge e-liquids is going to have propylene glycol, Nic, water and seasonings. Propylene glycol is additionally an ingredient utilized in asthma inhalers, toothpaste, foods and fog equipment. Right here is the ingredient responsible for turning liquid into vapor.

Everyone of its cartridge will have its own atomizer. This can be an advantage to them because there is not going to be a need to clean out the atomizer. When the cartridge has to be replaced from being utilized up, the atomizer itself is in addition going with this.

There are roughly 150-220 puffs that can be produced by each container which is fairly equivalent to using up a regular pack of cigarettes. Folks will know when you should replace its capsule if it is going to have a very burnt taste and a vulnerable flavor. It is easy to replace the container; screw off the old one after which screw on another.

Accessible Flavours. Folks can pick from about a dozens of flavors that V2 E Cigarettes can give. If you’d like an American traditional tobacco taste (which include what you get from Marlboro, Winston, Lucky Strike and Pal-Mal), red will be the flavor for you. For people who are looking for an even finish as well as a light tobacco comparable to Parliament, the Congress flavor needs to be chosen.

Those that are into the Turkish tobacco blend just like American Spirit and Camel may wish to choose Sahara. Just in case you like Marlboro Menthol, Newport, Salem and Kool, V2 Menthol flavor may be the one to try having its refreshing, minty and cool flavour. The peppermint flavour possesses its own sweet taste. Addititionally there is the mint tea flavor that mixes the green tea attributes and mint taste very well. For those that have a sweet yearning, the vanilla flavor would be the one for them. The coffee flavor lets people enjoy the Columbian rich blend which hints to cream and sugar comparable to sipping a cup of coffee. The chocolates flavor is ideal for people that are chocoholics even though the cherry taste is meant for those that desire a fruity vaping encounter.

Throw away Tastes. Throw away from V2 Electronic Cigs will come in two tastes: Tobacco and Menthol. Personalized Flavour. One other reason as to why there are a lot of people using V2 Electric Cigs is simply because it allows those to mix their own flavours.

Nicotine Total

Nic is one more component that you can get in the e liquid. Nicotine coming from V2 Ecigarettes will come in four strengths. Individuals who are into unfiltered cigarettes could go with the full strength of 18 mg of Nicotine. Those that would love a mild taste may go with 12 mg of Nic which is the medium power. The 6 mg Nic amount based in the light strength mixture is for fans which can be into the lights smoking cigarettes. There is also a no Nicotine hit for those that would really like zero strength or maybe want to enjoy the flavors of their fluid. Increased Nic strength means more robust feel and style. Folks can invariably ask the V2 Ecigs support team should they be still not sure which Nicotine potency to pick.

Battery pack

Three battery packs are found with V2 Electric Cigarettes. You have the short battery which is at 100mm in length and 150 mAH. If completely charged, it may last to offer you more than 160 puffs. Next would be the standard battery pack at 250mAH and 110 mm in length. This can be utilized for 200 puffs and much more. The extended battery is the last one which is at 140 mm in total length and 380 mAH. About 300 puffs can be created by this battery. A reduced vapor volume will suggest that the battery is about to be depleted currently. It’s also going to blink if it will require charging quickly. Get the battery energized or carry a spare one to continue vaping. Employing a smart charger will let folks charge it for only 1-2 hours.

Manual and automatic battery packs can be found at the same time. The automated battery will stay on standby and may activate once the user takes a puff. Customers will need to push a small button when utilizing a manual battery. Automated batteries will be more convenient to use, much like smoking a regular cigarette. With manual battery pack, you’re able to enjoy thick watery vapor. The batteries of V2 E-Cigs have obtained much praise from critics currently. Drawing out a smaller hit can give individuals a thick vapor by now.

Appeal and Cost

V2 Ecigs is additionally known for the buying price of its goods. Using one cartridge is similar to using one pack of cigarettes. Investing in a 5-pack is similar to spending $1.5 per cartridge. Smoking tobacco cigarettes can lead to a paying of $150 to $350 while vaping will only require $45. You can view considerably more reports by looking out for v2 cigs coupon code at V2 Cigs coupon codes.

Filling up your cartridge is also allowed by V2 Ecigs through the blank cartridge that it offers. This is often refilled up to 5 times. A 25 ml container can refill around 25 refills. That is equal to close to $27.9 for just 25 cartridges while people spend $30 for the same number of cigarette packs.

Customer Service

Mobile phone and live chats can be obtained from Mondays to Fridays at 10-23 EST. Their personnel are available at 11-17 EST during Saturdays. Call back can be requested by completing and submitting the form, in the event no agent is able to assist you once you called.

Conventional Cigs and Electric Cigarettes

There’s a total distinction with the e cigarettes when compared to the regular ones nowadays. These types of E-cigarettes take advantage of liquefied nicotine and produces water vapor that is less harmful than smoke. A lot of people around the world still smoke normal cigarettes these days.

There has also been an occasion wherein tobacco cigarettes were truly being smoked without mouth pieces. The developers of the revolutionary e-cigarettes are an easy method in order to counter the medical hazards that are found in smoking cigarettes.

There are plenty of differences if individuals are to match the e-cigarettes with the traditional ones these days. Among the first things to notice is that their mechanism of smoking is quite different. For normal tobacco, solid nicotine transformed into smoke is attained with an ignition process. The e-cigarettes, at the same time, employs an atomizer part. This sector will almost certainly give the needed burning which changes liquid nicotine to water gases.

The electric cigarettes offer a lot of changes and modifications to its use when compared to the conventional ones. The main factors in this argument will come down to the consumption of chemical products along with nicotine. Based on most of the researches, this has been found that the standard cigarettes have as many as 4,000 chemical products in them alongside 43 of these that have cancer aspects.

The electronic cigarette starter kit on the other hand do not use tobacco for cigarette smoking and it just has two cancerous carcinogens found. In addition they do not make full use of nicotine heat. The explanation here is that it utilizes a rechargeable electric battery not like the original cigarettes.

The utilization of nicotine heat and tobacco would be the basic distinguishing features among electronic and classic cigarettes. Water smoke or heated liquid is generated from the e-cigarettes as they are used to smoke. Carcinogens and toxic carbon dioxide gas can be found from the tobacco cigarettes which may be harmful.

By contrasting the traditional cigarettes, the electronic items are going to be 75% less expensive them. In lots of countries, the normal cigarettes are actually being banned while e-cigarettes are getting more popular. The smokers nowadays will have an alternative in terms of spending as these will not cost a lot.

This is one of the reasons why there are several people today who are switching to e-cigarettes. Together with the traditional ones, its costs are constantly increasing aside from the taxes imposed with them. Folks have found e cigs very appealing because of its cost-saving measure. Available today are starter kits that are not going to cost less than a hundred bucks and refillable cartridges like V2 Cigs cartridges which are inexpensive. Use the V2 e cig coupon code and make them even more inexpensive. The V2 coupon has been saving customers 15% off most purchases at V2 cigs. Give it a try!

Yet another major reason why there are many more people switching to electric cigarettes is due to the reality that smoking is banned in a lot of institutions. Indoor smoking in public is banned in several states and also the smokers will simply have to go outside to do this. Smoking the electric cigarettes indoors isn’t going to bother anybody as it isn’t going to give off secondhand smoke which can be annoying. As this will not bother others, the item has been seen to be more of an advantage to use compared to regular cigarettes.

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